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The Story Behind Scrutiny Strength & Conditioning.

Hi, my name is Shaun Housman and I am the head Coach and the head of performance development at Scrutiny Strength and Conditioning the place to go for Rockhampton Fitness enthusiasts.

My Journey

My gym life begin in 1997 when I joined a little local gym (The Body Shop), what I didn’t know then was how much of an impact this would have on the rest of my life. I was a massive 73kg when I first joined.

After 12 weeks I was introduced to my first training mentor Greg Phillips. This guy was the biggest man in the gym had a good array of tattoos and moved weights that at the time were something that fairy tales were written about. He was a powerlifter. The next few years consisted of training and competing right up to the point when Greg left for England.

There was one other person at the gym that caught my eye and influenced my every step and we have now been together for 21 years (married for 18). The interesting thing about all of this is the building were our gym now is, is the very building where it all started for me.

After Greg left I moved from just training to writing programs for other gym members and starting to coach some other strength athletes. The original gym moved and got bigger and as time went by life got in the way of training and before I knew it 3 years had passed and I was not exactly fit or strong anymore.

Scrutiny Strength & Conditioning is born

2010 and I jumped feet first into the familiar shoes of training and before too long Squat, Bench and Deadlifts were all the brain cells could focus on. The weights got heavier, the training got harder and I had a new passion for all things weighty.

This was also the same time that the study into how we all tick got more serious. Muscle and Fitness no longer become the mainstay of my research and the training programs had more thought and structure. 2010 was also the same year I got to meet Odell Manuel and we quickly become training partners and then before we knew it programs were written comps were done and in 2013 he became the strongest in the country becoming the first to total over 1000kg, Deadlift over 400kg and shortly after squat over 400kg.

During this time a plan was hatched to open our own place to train, ‘you know something small where a few mates can train and have fun’

This is how Scrutiny Strength & Conditioning was born.

On the 23-08-2014 I was approached by a young lady who recognised me as Odell’s coach asking if I was keen for a chat and to see if we could work something out to be her coach. Anyone who knows me will know who I am referring to (Ms Billa Hamilton).

This girl has shaped, influenced and helped me grow as a coach. She has been the standard in female powerlifting for over 3 years.

Over this 3+ years we have seen Aus. records in squat, bench and deadlift, become the first 67kg female to total 500kg, become the Australian No. 1, become World No. 1 in 2015, taken world record deadlifts, made all-time top ten lists and become the first to squat, bench and deadlift numbers that men aspire to.

This relationship has helped me in so many ways as well as grow my client roster, build more national and world record holders and give me so many great experiences. I know coach athletes from all manner of discipline but my roots are firmly with strength training.

My Principles

The text books have gotten bigger and the plans have grown longer and slightly more complicated but my principles as a coach have remained the same and are very simple:

  1. Do no harm
  2. Work within the clients limits
  3. Be actively responsible
  4. Think scientist talk trucky.
    If you can’t explain it in basic terms you don’t know it well enough
  5. Be accountable

As a coach you get the chance to be a part of someone’s life, help shape and influence their growth and development. Success doesn’t always come in the form of numbers, trophies or ribbons. Sometimes it is just being able to help. I am lucky enough too able to do something I love.

Who would have thought a life can be shaped by one building and the experiences that have come from trying to be strong. If you ask me “How important is it to be strong?” – It’s everything!

Strong mind, strong body and performance from precision this is Scrutiny Strength and Conditioning.

“Love this place and the people, great place
to train and achieve goals” ~ Jason

“Luv you guys. You make me feel great” ~ Dawn

“You get treated like family and they really care and help you reach your goals” ~ Louise

“This gym really cares and goes the extra mile for their clients.” ~ BeckStarr

“This is the best place to train if you have goals you need to smash.” ~ Leighton

(07) 4928 6415

57 Alexandra Street,
Park Avenue Qld 4701

Scrutiny Strength and Conditioning Rockhampton Follow us on Facebook     Scrutiny Strength and Conditioning Rockhampton Follow us on Instagram

(07) 4928 6415

57 Alexandra Street,
Park Avenue Qld 4701

Scrutiny Strength and Conditioning Rockhampton Follow us on Facebook     Scrutiny Strength and Conditioning Rockhampton Follow us on Instagram